Did you choose the right bag for your outfit?

We are all in line with the problem of “too many”. We tend to have too many shoes, clothes, bags, etc. This often leads to the confusion in styling a gorgeous outfit with any handbag that just goes right with it. This blog will have you covered for just that. Below given is a list of varieties of bags easily accessible on Maisha that you can pair with cool outfits that are apt for it:-

1. Fanny Packs -

If you are someone who is carrying neither too little nor too much stuff then you should consider opting for a fanny pack. This multi utility bag can be easily styled with a  minimal white dress as a statement piece. In fact, this old school bag will be your best friend as it can be worn in multiple ways like across your chest or across your shoulders as a sling or even around your waist to go hands-free when you go for your morning run.

2. Tote Bag -

These bags tend to perk up the sophisticated vibe when you carry it while you are wearing a yellow frilled sleeves top along with solid coloured flared pants. This classic, durable bag will not only keep you fashion forward but also accentuate your entire outfit.

3. Crescent Bag -

This crescent bag has the potential to become your go-to because of its essential quality of being roomy. When you combine this comfy bag with a knotted top and mom-fit jeans, it’ll leave the people around you completely awestruck! In fact, it will accentuate your overall aesthetic as well as provide you with multiple compartments and pockets to accumulate all your stuff.

4. Baguette -

This bag carries the magic within it to give you a modern or vintage vibe easily as per your outfit. When you style it with your orange crop top together with high waist jeans, it’ll pop your silhouette with summer hues. Moreover, this compact bag will cover for all occasions from date nights to social gatherings.

5. Satchel Bag -

On a day-to-day basis, you can easily take this bag with you wearing a white straight fit jeans and striped shirt to give a chic vibe. In fact, this vegan bag will let you adjust its belt as per your requirement and simultaneously carry all your must-haves in its spacious and cute space.

If these styling ideas worked wonders for you, don’t forget to tag us @maishabyesha while you share your vibe on the gram so that we can tune into more such blogs.

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